November 29, 2023
Schools Photo with Pastor

Pastor with Pupils

For more than two years of COVID-19, schools were closed and this distracted the school programs including Chaplaincy ministry. In January 2022, the government lifted covid-19 restrictions; allowing schools to resume operation.

The Lutheran Church of Uganda schools have had an active chaplaincy ministry. Each school has either a Reverend, Vicar or an evangelist who carries out chaplain duties. Our chaplains have a pastoral role in the school.

Schools opened for the second term on 9th May 2022, this gives chaplains another honourable chance to serve the children.

Student battle with several challenges which include; bullying, ill-mannered behaviour, sexual harassment, bullying, anger, drug abuse, among others. The chaplains provide and promote social, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing of the students. This enables the students to grow up in a “Christ-Centred” environment and in spiritually.

It is a blessing to serve children and draw them nearer to Christ Jesus by the Power of His Word.

Continue praying for the chaplaincy ministry in Uganda.

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