June 12, 2024




Schools resumed after a two year lockdown due to COVID 19 pandemic.

As schools resumes studies for 2nd term on  9th ,march 2022 and will end on 12th ,august 2022  and term three will commence from 5th ,September  ,2022 and closes on 9th ,December ,2022, the Lutheran church of Uganda has 36 learning institutions established to support and provide quality education aiming on uplifting our children academically, morally, spiritually into potential citizens.

When children are educated a community is uplifted because knowledge is power, LCU schools provide basic support to the needy children through formal education under sponsorship and scholarship programs.

The Lutheran church of Uganda has worked with developmental partners in the struggle of eradicate illiteracy. Our schools are Christian based and provide a Christ centered environment good for learning.

You can sponsor a child through our partners i.e. Hearts and Hope for Uganda who have established and support eight Lutheran primary schools in the impoverished communities of Uganda.

Lutheran church of Uganda has developed the livelihoods of the children living in the communities of Butogona ,Mbulamuti, Kamuli municipal ,Ishongororo, Nalwire, Nakabango, Butangala and Kainhogoga  were Lutheran schools have been established under the sponsorship program.

The schools have:

  • Provided Quality accessible and affordable education.
  • Generated employment opportunities to the communities.
  • Improved on the standards of the community
  • Have built a strong relationship of a prosperous and happy life to the people.

These schools have provided a teaching / learning platform for about 5000 learners across the country. We also commend the government of the republic of Uganda for creating a condusive atmosphere which has enabled us operates and improve on our performance of our schools.

These are some of the projects we under took before and during schools opening for this academic year 2022.

  1. Dedication of  schools  funded by hearts and hope for Uganda.
  • Engaged in  extracurricular activities like football  as one of the ways of promoting pupils talents tap skills  and unlock their potentials .