May 21, 2024

National Synod Board Of Trusties

The Current National Synod Board of Trustess comprise of 18 members: They include;

o National Presiding Bishop who is elected from the Colloge of Clergy

o Secretary to the house of Clergy 
o Three People from the House of Laity.

  •  Chairperson
  • Vice Chairperson Laity
  • Secretary to the house of Laity

o Seven Deans representing each Deanery

o Two members from the Women League 

  • Chairperson 
  • Secretary

o Two Members from the Youth League

  • Chairperson
  • Secretary

o Two Ex-Officials

  • National Synod Coordinator
  • National Treasure

Table Showing Members of National Synod Board of Trustess (NSBT)

LUTHERAN CHURCH OF UGANDA | National Synod Board of Trustee

• There are 17  LCU seminary-trained-and-certified ordained pastors
• The LCU has had a three seminary trained-and-certified men sent by the ELCG over the years, including: Evangelist Solomon (and Georgina) Ayagri, Evangelist John Donkoh, and Rev. Isaac Gyampadu.
• The LCU has many lay-leaders who lead worship and preach week-in and week-out. Many lay-leaders are commissioned as evangelists and serve as congregational pastors.
• Many lay-leaders are trained on a monthly basis at one of 7 Mission Training Centers (MTCs) located in: Ibanda, Masindi, Lira, Busia, Iganga/Jinja, Amudat and Kampala. Lay-leaders who prove themselves at the MTC level may be nominated to receive advanced training through Theological Education by Extension (TEE) which meets twice per month in Kampala and has a 2-year curriculum. Successful completion of TEE qualifies a man to apply for seminary but many will continue to serve with distinction in their local context.
• The LCU has 7 men studying at the seminary of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya (ELCK) in Matongo and 9 students at Lutheran Theological Seminary in Tshwane, Pretoria, South Africa. Needless to say, we are eager for them to complete their studies and join the work.
• The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, St. Louis USA, LCMS, has an informal partnership with the LCMU through the LCMS World Mission department.
• Currently LCMU is not served by any fulltime missionary from LCMS  or ELCG.
• The LCMU is by far and away the largest Lutheran Church body in Uganda. It also has the longest track-record. (Others sometimes claim they were the first Lutherans in Uganda—also planted in 1994. Their claim only has merit if they admit they broke away from (or were sent away from) the ELCU. LCMU is the only Lutheran Body that has enjoyed a continuous and unbroken relationship with the LCMS and the ELCG all the way back to 1994.
• Many Christians from Australia and USA have had meaningful relationships with the LCMU over the years—usually thru congregationally-based, short-term Mission teams. This includes, in no particular order:
o  With God’s Little Ones, St. Charles, MO
o Hope Lutheran Church, Lubbock, TX
o Messiah Lutheran, St. Charles, MO
o Immanuel Lutheran, Brookfield, WI
o Trinity Lutheran (Freistadt), Mequon, WI
o Trinity Lutheran, Roselle, IL
o Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Para Vista, Australia
o Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Urbandale, Iowa
o Vestavia Hills Lutheran Church, Alabama
o  First Lutheran Church, Glencoe, MN
o Resurrection Lutheran Church, Cary, NC
o Hearts and Hope, St. Louis, MO

• There may be up to 5 Lutheran church bodies in Uganda but the LCMU is one of a few Lutheran church bodies in Uganda considered to be legitimate by the Lutheran Communion for Central and Eastern Africa (LUCCEA), a regional accrediting agency based in Nairobi at the All African Churches Building.