April 20, 2024


The Objectives of the Church under this Constitution shall be to:

  1. Participate, contribute and enhance the fulfilment of the Great Commission of  our Lord Jesus Christ as commanded in Matthew 28: 16-20.
  2. Train, Equip, Commission, Ordain and or Consecrate Pastors, Evangelists, Missionaries, Ministers, Teachers and Church members generally for works of service in the Church.
  3. Establish, support, and promote the establishment of Bible Study Centres, Preaching Stations and Lutheran Congregations in Uganda and other parts of the world, where ever the need arises.
  4. Publish and distribute Bibles, church related books, religious periodicals, and other Christian books, and literature according to the needs of the Church and its Congregations.
  5. Establish, build, and develop Lutheran Theological Seminaries, Universities, Colleges, Schools, and other institutions for Christian instructions and promotion of formal education.
  6. Assist, support, and advise local congregations, Pastors, Evangelists and Teachers serving under the apostolate of the Church and to supervise such parties as to true Biblical and Christian doctrine, practice, and performance of their official duties.
  7. Take a holistic approach to Christian ministry by establishing, supporting, and promoting projects and programs which serve the social, physical, and general development needs of Ugandans as a means of fighting illiteracy, poverty and disease in our communities.
  8. Purchase, hold, administer, and sell property of every description in the interests of fulfilling the objectives of the Church.
  9. Accept, hold, administer, and if deemed advisable, dispose of legacies, donations, commercial papers, and legal documents of every description in the interest of the work of the Church;
  10. Seek and obtain loans in monies and or in material things throughout and outside Uganda, as needed to realize the goals and objectives of the Church. 
  11. Guarantee loans where possible to member local Churches and church workers in monies or material things throughout Uganda to realise the aims and objectives as stated in these Articles.
  12. Act for any purpose which is necessary or expedient for the proper exercise of the function of the Church, to acquire and hold any move-able or immovable property, to sell, lease, mortgage, or dispose off any property and to enter into any transaction, provided such transactions do not conflict with the Word of God, the laws of the country or objectives of the Church as outlined in these Articles.

The LCU accepts without reservation;

  • All the symbolical Books of the Lutheran Church as a  true and unadulterated statement and exposition of the Word of God, namely the: three Ecumenical Creeds, Unaltered Augsburg Confession, Apology for the Augsburg Confession, Smalcald Articles, Large Catechism and Small Catechism of Luther, and the Formula of Concord.
  • To unite in one corporate body the members of the Church who acknowledge and remain true to the Book of Concord of the Year of our Lord 1580, as a true confession of Biblical and Christian doctrine;