April 20, 2024

Mukono – Uganda , In a colorful ceremony that radiated with love and joy, Mr. Siminyu Paul and Florence Ayat exchanged vows and rings to become husband and wife at Zion Lutheran Church in Mukono. The couple’s union was blessed in a beautiful worship service presided over by the National presiding Bishop of the Lutheran Church of Uganda, Bishop Charles I Bameka.

The ceremony, held in the serene surroundings of the church, saw Bishop Bameka officiating the proceedings with grace and reverence, guiding the couple through their sacred vows and commitment. Dean Central Deanery, Rev. Akuwa James led the worship service, infusing the ceremony with spiritual significance and tranquility.

Other Pastors present were Dean Peter Maganda the Dean Eastern Deanery, Rev Elifazi Buluuba, Rev Lutalo Wilberforce, Rev Waiswa William, Rev Waako

Family, friends, and well-wishers gathered to witness this special moment in Mr. Siminyu Paul and Florence Ayat’s lives, showering them with blessings and support as they embarked on their journey together as a married couple. The church resonated with songs of celebration and prayers for a prosperous and joyful marriage for the newlyweds.

May Mr. Siminyu Paul and Florence Ayat’s bond continue to grow in love, understanding, and harmony as they walk hand in hand through life’s journey together, supported by the blessings of their loved ones and their shared faith.

Mrs. Florence Siminyu serves on the LCU Board of Directors as a presentation of the Women, serving as the National Secretary of Women’s League.