June 12, 2024

College of Laity

The College of the Laity has a National Committee of not more than five (5) members with the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and any other two (2) at large members. Co-option is allowed as long as such a co-opted member has no voting powers.

The College of Laity has membership from the Congregational levels served by a five man Committee of the Congregational College of laity. Each Congregational Committee sends two representatives at the Deanery level from whom a Deanery 5 member Committee of the College of Laity is elected. Members of the National Committees of the College of Clergy are elected at the National Synod Conference meeting by members of their own Colleges. However, the Chairman of College of Laity is elected from the Chairmen of the Deanery College of Laity. The Chairman has freedom to appoint any other member of the National Committee to act on his behalf, whenever he deems it necessary.

The term of each College Committee shall be equal to that of the NSC term.