May 21, 2024

Bishop Charles I Bameka

In a historic ceremony held at the Kaato Lutheran Church, Kayunga Distrjict, Lutalo Wilberforce wed Birungi Leticia and was ordained at a divine service presided over by the National Presiding Bishop of the Lutheran Church of Uganda, held on 21st May 2023.

Ordinand Lutalo Wilberforce was joined in holy matrimony with his longtime fiancée, Ms. Leticia Birungi in a ceremony that was attended by LCU Ministers, friends, family, and fellow members of the church. The couple, exchanged their vows in joy and happiness as they started a new life.

The Clergy Blessing the Ordinand

Following the wedding ceremony, Lutalo was then ordained into public ministry to serve as the Pastor Kaato Lutheran Church, the culmination of years of training and preparation. In a moving and touching ceremony, the National Presiding Bishop, Rev. Charles I Bameka, led Lutalo through the vows of the Office of Holy Ministry before a congregation of over 300. Rev, Lutalo is one of the men who have been trained and graduated from the LCU Semiry at Magamaga, along the Jinja – Kenya highway.

Ordinand Lutalo Wilberforce, Wife Leticia Biringu During Wedding.
Ordinand Lutalo and Leticia during Holly Matrimony
The Moment of taking the matrimonial oath
Bestman, bridegroom,groom and the matron

The wedding and ordination ceremony were a testimony to the strength and resilience of the Lutheran Church of Uganda, which has grown and thrived in the face of adversity.

We thank the Lord for His doing in our midst!

Ordinand Lutalo (Right) before Bishop Charles I Bameka during Ordination
Bishop Bameka Signs the marriage Certificate for Lutalo and Laticia after wedding vows.

The National Presiding Bishop Charles I Bameka, hailed the wedding and ordination ceremony as a significant milestone in the history of the church, praising Rev. Lutalo for his dedication and perseverance.

He called on other members of the church to follow in Rev. Wilberforce’s footsteps and to answer the call to serve their communities and spread the message of God’s love and grace.