July 25, 2024

Pastoral Leadership Institute International (PLII), a renowned Organization dedicated to empowering and Equipping Pastoral leaders worldwide eslecially in the Lutheran Church, marked a significant milestone in its history as it celebrated its 20th anniversary with a thought-provoking and inspiring discussion. The event, held on the PLI’s virtual platform, brought together an esteemed panel of seasoned leaders, clergy, and participants from across the globe.

The online Anniversary discussions aimed at reflecting on the accomplishments of PLII over the years and highlight the impact it has made on Pastoral Leadership Globally. With a focus on nurturing and enhancing the skills and abilities of Pastors, PLII has become a catalyst for positive change within faith communities.

The event commenced with an opening address by Dr Scott Rische, the serving Preesident of PLII, who expressed his gratitude for the journey so far and the contributions of all those involved.

The panel discussion featured an esteemed lineup of influential leaders in pastoral ministry. One of the a renowned author and speaker, shared her insights on the significance of emotional intelligence and building authentic relationships within congregations. She stressed the importance of empathy and active listening as critical components of effective pastoral leadership.

One of the panelists highlighted the role of servant leadership and the power of collaboration in creating a positive and inclusive environment within congregations. He shared inspiring stories of transformation and encouraged pastors to engage actively with their communities.

The discussion also incorporated live Q&A sessions, allowing participants to interact directly with the panelists. This interactive segment provided an opportunity for attendees to seek guidance and advice on various aspects of pastoral leadership.