July 25, 2024

The Seminary Dormitory structure progressing

Magamaga, Uganda – The Lutheran Theological College Uganda (LTCU), the LCU Seminary, continues to evolve and experiencing growth and stability just as it works towards achieving full accreditation and expanding its capacity to serve the next generation of Lutheran Clergy as wells Church and Community Professional Leaders.

This Semester, the Seminary hosts a student body of 53, a significant increase compared to the Covid  19 years.  The College has a dedicated faculty of 12 members under the able leadership of the Seminary Principal, Rev.Knevetz Da Rocha Volmir.

To prepare for the growing students enrollment, the seminary is currently working to complete the Dormitory Facility, which will enable the institution to host up to 90 students on campus.  The construction completion of the Seminary Dormitory is being done in partnership with Our Saviour Lutheran Church, McKinney, TX, USA. The upper slub has been leaking down into the ground rooms whenever it rained, but after roofing, the entire building is protected.

In addition to the Dormitory project, the LTCU is also seeking to complete the construction of a the Seminary Chapel, the Lecture Halls, and to construct the Fired-wood Kitchen and Dry Storage Facility on Compus.  We seek your support and prayers