July 25, 2024

Arriving at the Butogona Lutheran Nursery and Primary School, the Hearts and Hope mission team to Uganda was welcomed by a vibrant sea of smiling faces, eager to experience the educational outreach that was about to unfold. The team is dedicated to educational development.

Students entusiastically welcoming the Visitors

The visit began with an exchange of cultural greetings, as students showcased their traditional songs and dances. The visitors reciprocated with an array of performances, sharing the rich diversity of their own heritage and the atmosphere was filled with excitement and curiosity, as the students eagerly absorbed the novel experiences brought by their overseas friends.

Expert educators from the United States led engaging classes on various activities, bringing innovative craft making to women and students, Men’s Bible Studies, face painting and etc.

In addition to their work within the school, the mission team also collaborated with the local community, recognizing the importance of building strong connections and fostering sustainable development where a number of community members were given Goats to foster economic development and self sustainability.

The exchange of gratitude and appreciation between the mission team and the community was overwhelming, cementing the bond built by the Holy Spirit rooted in Christ Jesus.

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