June 12, 2024

As the Hearts and Hope Mission Visit to Uganda,  the team also made community visits to Nalwire Lutheran School,  Mbulambuti Lutheran School and Nakabango Lutheran School seperately.

During their visit, the team conducted different activities like giving out Sponsorship Packets to sponsored students,  doing crafts with the women,  Face-painting with pupils,  Men’s Bible study and Children’s Crafts.

Student after recieving Packs

They also organized recreational activities, including sports, art, and music sessions, which brought smiles and laughter to the faces of the students.

They recieved an overwhelming enthusiastic welcome while in the community by the members and students.

The also made some inspections of the school at Nakabango and Nalwire,  where the school (Nalwire Lutheran Primary School) is set for dedication on thursday.

Nalwire Lutheran School that is set for Dedication

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