April 20, 2024

The second day of the Five Day Pastoral Leadership Institute International Conference for the Lutheran Church of Uganda. The event, being held in the City of Jinja at Jinja City Hotel, is aimed at improving pastoral leadership skills and sharing best practices among the Lutheran Leader as they strive to be “Together in Missions with their families and Congregational members.

The conference has attracted LCU Pastors, Congretional Leaders and Evangelists from various parts of the Eastern Deanry of LCU. The participants engaged in discussions and sharing experiences on various topics related to pastoral leadership. The sessions were led by the National Presiding Bishop, Charles Bameka and his wife Eve Bameka, Rev James Odoo Okello the National Synod Cordinator, Elizabeth Maganda wife to Rev. Peter Maganda and others from the LCU.

Yesterday’s session focused on the importance of the Missional Community

The Pastoral Leadership Institute International is a flagship event for the Lutheran Church of Uganda. It is aimed at equipping pastoral leaders with the necessary skills to effectively lead their congregations as Missional Communities in their villages and towns.