June 12, 2024

As Connect to Uganda (C2U) concludes the March 2013 Mission Team visit to the LCU, the team met women of Far Away Friends program at Bubago Lutheran Church on 27th March 2023.

During their visit, they engaged the women in training in making and using reusable pads, reviewing the Beads Ministry and working on Women Tailoring activities.

Training of Women in Making Reusable Pads and etc.

The, day also saw the launching and dedication of the kids’ swings at Bubago Lutheran Nursery and Primary, which were installed at the school premises. The activity was officiated by Bishop Bameka Charles and Julie Reed Stroder, the executive director C2U launched the swings which were funded by C2U.

The C2U team also conducted training in CPR for the Bubago School Teachers and staff as a First  Aid skill to the pupils and community.