June 12, 2024

Butangaala Lutheran Nursery and Primary school is among the eight LCU/HH4U funded schools, the school is located in Butangaala Village, Magamaga Parish in Buwenge Sub county Jinja District in Eastern Uganda.

In the ending term 11 of 2022 academic year. The school enrolled 78 boarding pupils.
With such a number in the school, persistent lighting is fundamental as it facilitates smooth running of evening teaching and learning due to lack of light in their classrooms.

However, all these activities were affected by the rampant blackouts from load shading due to the faults in the solar system. This also affected the general security of the school, and the pupils stay in school.

The need arose as the initially installed lighting system got faulty due to the mechanical malfunction of the system.
Hearts &Hope for Uganda, the funding partner supported the church with $ 1,376.18 which fund was used to buy 6 batteries, inverter system, bulbs and other items.

The repairs were done by a professional electrician who even provided a 3 weeks monitoring and after sale support services to the school.

Solar repairs project at school was a success and kids are now having normal preps, regular revising and security benefits which come with lighting environment.

The Lutheran church of Uganda extends its appreciation to its funding partner Hearts and Hope for Uganda for backing the project the project thus enabling the Butangaala Lutheran School to shine again!!

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