July 25, 2024

On Sunday, the Lutheran Church of in Uganda held a Divine Worship Service that witnessed the baptism and confirmation of several new members into the faith at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church,  Buhweju,  Southeastern Dean.

The service, which was presided over by the National Presiding Bishop Charles I Bameka, was a beautiful display of traditional Lutheran worship and devotion. 2 Children were baptized and 7 men and wemen were confirmed into the Lutheran Faith. During the Confirmation, the LCIII Chairperson of the area Subcounty was among those who took oath of aligence to the Lutheran Church for life.

Comfirmation of new Memebers

During his sermon, Bishop Bameka emphasized the importance of unity and togethrrness in the life of a Christian. He reminded the congregation that the church will continue to stick to it fundamental cores and values than beeing manupulated by self-seeking individuals.

Congregants during church service

Following the Sermon, the Holy communion service took place. The Confirmed faithful all partook of the Holy Communion, strengthening the unity and spiritual nourishment that comes with partaking in the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.

The service was attended by Lutherans from Our Savior Lutheran Church and St John Lutheran Church,  Buhweju,  and pastors from the South Western Deanery including Rev Robert Tumuhaiwe, Rev Humfrey Asiimwe,  Rev Atanansi Twehangane, Rev Moses Ahimbisibwe,  Rev John Byamaka and 4 LTCU Magamaga Seminarians. Others were Rev Peter Maganda the Dean of Eastern Deanery,  Rev Nicholas Bwire the dean of FarEast Deanery and Mr. Magezi Fred the National Head of Laity.

Buhweju is a hard-to-reach-area in Southwestern deanery of the Lutheran Church of Uganda.