May 21, 2024

Bishop in Kazo District

While at Cornerston Lutheran Church, Kazo in Kazo district, the Presiding Bishop of Lutheran Church of Uganda, Rt Rev Charles I Bameka hailed the ethusiasm expressed by the congregants of this Congregation after a one Kallen Kanyerere donated land to church as a way of expanding and planting churches and Church activities in the South Western deanery of the Lutheran Church of Uganda.

This was during the Bishop’s visit in the Deanery as he inspects some of the activities in the congregations.

The Congregant Kellen Kanyerere who donated the land to Church.

Kanyerere who donated the land, asked the Bishop and the church to send their Lawyer and Survayor to make the aggreement & land demarcation respectively.

This was reached at in the meeting held at the church premisses. The Bishop however commended the work done inclusive of constructing a temporary church, making Bricks for church construction and citing the place for a borehole.

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