July 25, 2024

The Pastoral Leadership Institute Conference  for the Second year has started in Ishongororo Lutheran Primary School, in Ibanda District.

The Conference  intends to review a number of goals  to foresee that those trained becomes willing and able to lead changes, when needed, for the sake of Christ  & his Mission. The church see to put discipline  where it’s needed for the fulfillment of God’s mission.

“the Church looks at establishment of God’s  word. Those behind trained gain some skills needed in order to effectively lead change for the sake of God’s mission” second goal

The facilitators of the training includes Bishop Charles Bameka  the Presiding Bishop, Rev Raymond Kaija the Head of Commission on Theology, Rev James Odoo Okello the NSBT Coordinator, Ever Bameka the wife to the Bishop and others.

The Church looks beyond the need for value and respect of others with in and outside the congregations.

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