May 21, 2024

The Presiding Bishop for LCU, Rt Rev Charles Bameka travelled to Western Uganda in the South western Deanery for a 5day retreat and other Lutheran Church of Uganda activities.

The Bishop arrived in Mbarala on Monday 28th before starting his journey to Ibanda district where the retreat is scheduled for.

He travelled with his with Ever Bameka and Fred Magezi the Head of Laity for LCU.

Bishop started by meeting the Congregational Council of Grace Lutheran Church Mbarara District at Kakiika, Mbarara City.

Bishop Charles Bamek presiding over the Meeting at Grace Lutheran Church, Mbarara District.

Members at Grace Lutheran Church inquired for support from the Church Leaders to support their Congregation.

However the Bishop advised the Congregation council, Pastors and leaders of the church to work together to transform the church through expanding the structures by buying land starting at a small piece and cost in urban setting.

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