July 25, 2024

On the 03rd of August 2022, Connect to Uganda arrived in Uganda on a mission trip, with a team comprising of Seven people including Mark, Julie, Evan, Lindsey, Emmerson, Madeline, and Scott.

Their stay in Uganda was coupled with intense work as characterized with their time of arrival in Jinja (14:00) and immediately travel, to engage in activities with the children at Bubago Lutheran Nursery and Primary School.

A lot of activities were conducted during their visit which included a meeting between the teachers of Bubago Lutheran Nursery and Primary School with Emerson and Lindsey (fellow teachers in the US), Men and Women’s devotion in Bubago, Bugwala and Magogo, Educational activities and interactions with the children at Bubago Lutheran Primary schools, where each child received a package with a few toys and some scholastic materials including pencils, pens, and toothbrushes etc.

Launching the Borehole

Meetings with the LCU leadership about the partnership between the two parties, activities with the Far Away Friends group in Bubago, and home visits to the Need Based Scholarship beneficiaries among others.

The visit was concluded with two activities that included the purchase of land for the permanent school facility at Bubago Lutheran Nursery and Primary School, as well as the commissioning of the Borehole well at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Akia, which currently serves over 600 households in Akia and its neighboring areas with clean and safe water.
The team left for the US on Tuesday, 11th July 2022.

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