April 20, 2024

The Connect to Uganda (C2U) Missouri team, March 2023, from the USA visited Bubago Lutheran Nursary and Primary School, Kamuli District, Uganda as part of their efforts to support Education in the Country.

Madam Julie Stroder, Linnet, Marvis and Mission Cordinator Violate Nanono.

Bubago Lutheran Nursary and Primary School, which is served by the Lutheran Church of Uganda in Partnership with C2U, is one of the few schools in the area that provides education to children from low-income families. Before the school was established, the community was facing several challenges, including lack of adequate resources, limited access to clean water, and inadequate infrastructure. The C2U saw this as an opportunity to lend their support and help improve the conditions in the communuty and establishing a school working with the Lutheran Church and community.

The C2U Team led by Julie Reed Stroder while at Bubago Lutheran Nursery and Primary School.

In the past, C2U Mission teams have been engaged in various activities, including renovating classrooms, repairing broken desks and chairs, and painting the school buildings. They also donated school supplies such as books, pencils, and backpacks to the students, many of whom come from families that cannot afford to purchase these items.

School Staff of Bubago LNPS, Connect to Uganda Mission Team

The C2U Executive Director Julie Stroder, expressed her gratitude to the School Administration for hosting them and giving them an opportunity to serve the community. “We are grateful to the Bubago Lutheran School for allowing us to come and work with you. It is always an amazing experience, and we are happy to have been able to make a difference in the lives of these children,” she said.

C2U Executive Director Julie Stroder while at Bubago Lutheran Nursery and Primary School, Kamuli.

While at Bubago, the Headteacher of the Bubago Lutheran Nursary and Primary School, thanked the C2U mission team and the Lutheran Church of Uganda for their generosity and kindness towards the school. She said that the support they received from the team would go a long way in improving the quality of education and the overall learning environment for the kids in the community.

School Staff led by Headteacher

The C2U works in Partnership with the Lutheran Church of Uganda anr has been working with the villages of Bubago, Buwala and Magogo. C2U plans to construct Bubago Lutheran Nursery and Primary School soon to strengthen the partnership between C2U, LCU and the Bubago community.