June 12, 2024

Jinja-Uganda. The LCU concluded its five-day seminar for pastors and seminarians that was aptly named “No Nonsense Church,” featured the dynamic teachings of Rev Dr. Craig Dubois from Grace Lutheran Church in San Marcos, Texas, took place at the Lutheran Theological College Uganda, brought together a diverse group of LCU pastors.

Rev Dr. Dubois, renowned for his engaging and insightful approach to Christian ministry,  ranged from effective pastoral leadership to the application of Biblical principles in today’s ever-changing world and then integrity.

One of the standout aspects of the seminar was the distribution of valuable books to attendees. These books, carefully curated by Rev Dr. Dubois and his team, cover a wide array of topics relevant to contemporary church leadership and ministry.

Rev Charles I Bameka, the National Presiding Bishop of the Lutheran Church of Uganda, shared his appreciation for the successful seminar. “We are immensely grateful to Rev Dr. Craig Dubois for his dedication and wisdom. The ‘No Nonsense Church’ seminar has been a transformative experience for our pastors and seminarians, and we look forward to implementing the lessons learned in our congregations across Uganda.”

The seminar marks the beginning of a new chapter in the ministry of the Lutheran Church of Uganda, with attendees armed with the tools and inspiration to lead their congregations with unwavering dedication and faith.