April 20, 2024

Rev James Odoo Okello while commissioning the Borehole

Akia Lutheran Church Community in Lira City, received Clean Borehole Water Funded by Connect to Uganda – based in St. Louis USA. The survey and the sinking was done by MOBESTRO INTERNATIONAL HYDRO TECHNICAL SERVICES LTD base in Lira City. The survey done on 4th July 2022 culminated into the drilling, assembling and casting of the borehole which was completed on the 6thJuly 2022 in the presence of the Church Leaders, Community Leaders and the Area Councilor to the City Council Hon. Odongo Odul

Commissioning the borehole

This was conducted on 9th July by the LCU bishop who led the service during the commissioning in the presence C2U teams, Good shepherd Church, the community of Agali ‘A’ and ‘B’, Te-obwolo, community leaders and the area councilor to the City council Hon. Odongo Odul who represented the City mayor.

Mrs. Julie Stroder the C2U Executive director who was accompanied by her husband Mr. Mark Stroder and their daughter Madeline and the son in law thank the community for their love for Jesus and it was through this that the generous people in the USA supported the sinking of the Borehole. She attributed the good work of C2U to very committed Board president Mr. Scott and the LCU leadership under Bishop Charles Bameka.

The chairperson of Good shepherd Lutheran Church – Akia Mr. Otim James thank the bishop for hearing plea for water in the area. He also thank Julie and C2U for the love of the people of Northern Uganda because this her second time in the deanery though she has tight schedules. He promised to work with the community to make sure that the borehole in well maintained.

Hon. Odongo Odul thanked the Church for supporting the community and helping the government where they have not be able to support the community

The community in their appreciation organized traditional dance call Ikoce to entertain the visitors. In their message they thanked the Lutheran church under the leadership of Bishop Charles Bameka, Mrs. Julie Stroder for supporting them in the provision of clean water.

They promised to maintain the water and keep it for the use of everyone in the community. They have suffered many diseases connected to water problem but now they will be free of such because of the clean and fresh water.


The deanery appreciates the effort made by the dean to connect the deanery to the LCU office. This cannot be left unnoticed. On the other hand we appreciate the bishop of LCU for coordinating all the development activities in the deanery, we have been left behind but now we feel we are part of the family. We will rally behind the secretariat and give support in activities that would demand our efforts.

In the same Spirit, the deanery also extends their gratitude to St. John Lutheran church Glendale for all the support they have extended to the deanery. You have given us hope and assurance that the Lord will also provide at a time when no one would believe there can be help. Thanks for your generosity and we are looking forward for such a time that well be meeting in Uganda as we partner to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

Lastly to C2U, you have started the walk in supporting the northern deanery, please continue to pray and support us in the little way you can. You have seen everything for yourself, this deanery needs your presence if not for support but for encouragement and friendship. We promise to pray for your organization to take root in Uganda so that many are reached with the word of the gospel.

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Rev. Odoo James Okello Dean Northern Uganda      

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