July 25, 2024

The ambitions for the 14yrs old Mutesi Rose have been restored after being rescued from a child Labour job of serving as a maid.

Rose lost hope after her grandmother, who takes care of her and her siblings, had failed to raise any financial support for her Secondary Education, after she had completed her Primary Leaving Examinations. She had been advised to go and work as a babysitter in Namayingo district.

Following the Goats distribution by CCI on 5th Sunday 2023, Mutesi was identified by the LCU Bishop after interacting with her grandmother and was returned back to school to join S.1. at Nakabango Lutheran Secondary School in Jinja.

In her views, Mutesi narrates  the odeal.”My name is Mutesi Rose 14 Yrs from Namungalwe, Iganga District, now a student at Nakabango Lutheran Secondary Secondary, Jinja City, who had dropped out of school having finished PLE, due to financial constraints in my family. My parents were unable to pay for my education, and instead, I had to take up a job as a maid in Namayingo district” Mutesi.

“Life as a maid was tough, and I often felt helpless and hopeless due to the mistreatment i had gone through. I had given up on my dream of completing my education and becoming a lawyer. However, my life took a turn for the better when I met a kind-hearted church, Lutheran Church of Uganda, that recognized my potential and helped me get back on track to join Secondary School” Rose says.

“Through the support of the church, I am able to re-enroll in school and pursue my studies. I receive financial assistance, mentoring, and emotional support from the church that became  like a family to me. With their help, I am able to focus on my studies and excel academically.

The Headteacher receiving Mutesi Rose at Nakabango Lutheran Secondary School with Dr. Kent and Katie *kentool, with

Today, I am proud to say that I am ready to complete my studies further, ”  She added.

The student was received by the Nakabango Lutheran Secondary School Headteacher Mr Nyende Essau.

Below are the number of students who passed through CCLS Kawete in Iganga District.

Some of the Students who went through CCLS Kawete, while at Nakabango Lutheran Secondary School.

Over 35 student passed through CCLS are at Nakabango Lutheran Secondary School.