April 20, 2024

AMUDAT.  The LCU North Eastern Deanery welcomed a momentous occasion when Stephen Maxwell visited the region between 14th through 17th July 2023.  On Sunday 16th members from 4 congregations of Amudat Parish gathered for a worship service at Nasilir Lutheran Church led by the Rev Benjam Lochepe with the National Presiding Bishop Rev. Charles I. Bameka sharing the message of encouragement for the day.  During the visit Mr. Stephen Maxwell informed the Community that he was in the region to encourage and be supportive of the mission efforts of the LCU. The service was filled with joy and singing local Christian songs in the attendance of over 250 Lutherans from Amudat, Nabokotom, Nasilir and Alakas congregations.

The Saturday before the Bishop met with the Deanery Leaders at a meeting fostering unity and strategic planning for the future of the church in the Region.

The meeting that took place at Amudat Lutheran Church Office resolved on; revamping MTC leadership training, sending students slated for Seminary training at LTCU Magamaga, visiting the Northwest diocese of Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya (ELCK) to regularise a working relationship with the Northeastern Deanery of LCU, emphasizing Translation of Pokot Language Liturgies and teaching materials, sending women for the Deaconess training program, Motorcycles for transportation, Local Congregations Supporting families of Seminarians, Supporting local Pastors, Construction of Primary Schools at Parish level and a Deanery Boarding Secondary School.

Furthermore, members also reached at the Translation of Worship and learning Materials into Pokot Language a local language in this community working with North Western Diocese of ELCK, establishing a Special Ordination training Course for men who have served the church but cannot go the Seminary in Magamaga, the Need to develop and construct a Primary school in every parish and a deanery secondary school for continued education to prepare men for pastoral and seminary training as well as other professional.

During the Meeting chaired by Rev. Moses Lokong, Dean North Eastern Deanery and attended by the National presiding Bishop, Stephen Maxwell of Stephen Ministry and Violet Nanono, Short Term Missions Team Coordinator, resolved to Establish an Amudat Education Fund to support the students with in the deanery, Identifying students for secondary and primary education, engaging multiple churches to support the families of seminary students, Promoting deaconess training,  creating more space for housing for MTCs and also Continuing to develop and grow the medical efforts in the Deanery especially malaria treatment

Bishop Bameka was glad to see the unity and dedication among the Deanery Leaders, stating that; “The Lutheran Church of Uganda continues to thrive because of the collective efforts of all our faithful members and leaders”.

The Lutheran Church of Uganda looks forward to witnessing the fruits of this memorable occasion, as they continue their mission to be a beacon of hope and a source of transformation in the lives of their members and communities.