July 25, 2024

Incoming Programs


  • Worship service with Word and Sacrament Ministry.
  • Sunday School Ministry.
  • Annual Youth Gatherings.
  • Translation of Worship and teaching materials into local languages.
  • Training Workshop, Conference and Seminars for Church Leaders.  


  • Acquisition of Land and Construction of National Church Headquaters in Kampala
  • Establishment of at-least one Secondary school in every Deanery
  • Establishment of a primary school at every congregation.
  • Starting of a Micro Finance and Saving Scheme.
  • Development of the Lutheran Theological College into a Lutheran University.
  • Drilling of more boreholes
  • Establishment of Health centres.
  • Establishment of more Congreagtions/ Churches Nationaly.
  • Continued leadership formation and Development to manage and oversee the Growth and development of the LCU and her communities.