June 12, 2024


LCU carries out Social Ministry especially to the needy and underprivileged thus extending our Christian love and practice. Establishment of educational institutions, Agriculture and Health have been emphasised in the country as a way of promoting education.

The LCU, has esterblished up to 36 learning institutions across the country. These include a Thoelogicl College at Magamaga in the Eastern District of Mayuge, Vocational, Secondery, Primary and Pre- Primary schools.

Table Showing Lutheran Founded Education Institutions 

PRIMARY SCHOOLS Easter Deanery, Mid- Western  Deanery, Central Deanery , South Western Deanery, Far – Eastern Deanery  16, 04, 03, 03, 02
SECONDARY SCHOOLS Eastern Deanery     01
VOCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS Eastern Deanery,  Central Deanery  05, 01
REGIONNAME OF SCHOOL                                   LOCATION
Eastern Region                                                           
1.Nakabanga Lutheran Primary Sch.           – Jinja City
2.Bufuula Lutheran Primary Sch.                 – Jinja City
3.Mutai Lutheran Primary Sch.                    – Jinja City 
4.Bugono Lutheran Primary Sch.                 – Iganga District 
5.Naigobya Lutheran Primary Sch.              – Luuka District 
6.Ikumbya Lutheran Primary Sch.               – Luuka District 
7.Kabuli Lutheran Primary Sch.                  – Luuka District
8.Bukobo Lutheran Primary Sch.                – Luuka District
9.Nakavule Lutheran Primary Sch.             – Iganga District 
10.Kamuli Lutheran Primary Sch.                 – Kamuli Municility 
11.Kainogoga Lutheran Primary Sch.           – Jinja City
12.Kidera Lutheran Primary Sch.                  – Buyende District
13.Christ Community Luth. Sch. Kawete      – Iganga District
14.Mbulamuti Lutheran Primary Sch.           – Kamuli District
15.Naminage Lutheran Primary School       – Kamuli District 
16.Butangaala Lutheran Primary Sch.         – Jinja District
17.Nakabango Lutheran Vocational & SS    – Jinja City 
Central Region
18.Kateete Lutheran Primary Sch.             – Mukono District
19.Lukonda Lutheran N/Primary Sch.            – Kayunga District 
20.Kakiika Lutheran Primary Sch.              – Kayunga District  
Mid – Western
21.Kemezu Lutheran Primary Sch.            – Masindi District 
22.Kigezi Lutheran Primary Sch.               – Masindi  District 
23.Kijjambura Lutheran School                 – Masindi District
24Katumba Lutheran P/S                         – Masindi District
South – Western
25.Ishongororo Lutheran Primary Sch.        – Ibanda District
26.Good Shephered Kemihoko Luth. P/S    – Ibanda District 
27.Bethany Luth. P/S. Kinyamugara            – Ibanda District
Far – East
28.Buhasaba Lutheran Nursery School       – Busia District 
29.Nalwire Lutheran Nursery School           – Busia District 


The Lutheran Church of Uganda (LCU) in Partnership with her Partners have initiated Scholarship and Sponsorship programs geared at supporting the under privileged Children attain Education. Currently the education Program has over 3,100 beneficiaries Countrywide. Thanks to Hearts & Hope, Project Hope, Connect2Uganda (C2U), Christ Community Lutheran Church (CCLC) and Steven Maxwell for the Partnership. 

Table Showing Distribution of Education Support

Primary Schools2,779
Secondary 150
Leadership Mission Training Centres140
University & Tertiary75
Lutheran Theological College45