July 25, 2024

A Church conference was held at the Amudat Town Lutheran Church in Amudat district, between April 24-27, 2024, facilitated by Rev. Dr. Craig DuBois of Grace Lutheran Church in Texas, USA, and Bishop Charles I Bameka, the National Presiding Bishop of the LCU.  The Conference brought together 26 participants coming from 11 congregations of the  North Eastern Deanery of the LCU.  Ms. Violet Nanono, the Short Term Missions Coordinator LCU and Mr. Stephen Maxwell, a congregant from Our Savior Lutheran Church in Mackenney, Texas were in attendance. 

In addition to the impactful conference, the delegation also attended the Ordination Service held at   Amudat Town Church, where two new pastors were ordained into the service of Public Ministry including – Rev. Henry Moigut and Rev. Emmanuel Ronglei 

The ordination ceremony was the highlight of the trip with the many congregants singing traditional spiritual songs, drumming, and joyous worship. The event marked a significant milestone for the Northeastern Deanery, increasing the number of pastors serving the region from to six.

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