June 12, 2024

The Archbishop Joseph Ochola Omolo of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya has been visiting the LCU with her Lutheran Theological College Uganda between Monday 23rd through 26th January 2023. He has held a series of meetings with the Principal LTCU, the Faculty and Staff at the Seminary, crowning his time here with a fact finding meeting with the LCU Key Leadership from both the Seminary Establishment Committee and National Synod Board of Trustees. Main discussions centered around the areas of Administration, training, Financial Management and institutional Delopment and Management by LCU.

The meeting also discussed on the issue of Accreditation by the National Council for Higher education in Uganda to streamline the Cirriculum with that of the Government.

The meeting delived into the aspect of having an exchange Program with Matongo Theological College in Kenya especially Lecturers.

The meeting was attended by Members of the Seminary Establishment Committee, the National Synod Board of Trustees NSBT, the Principle of the College, the Team from Kenta led by the Archbishop and presided by the National Presideing Bishop of LCU.

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