June 12, 2024

Kamuli Lutheran Nursery and Primary School received the kids’ play materials installed at the school premises.

The equipment was sponsored by Faith Mision Team from Faith Lutheran Church, Illinois, USA, led by Norbert and Linda Soltwedel, and was coordinated by Rev Emmanuel Batwawula from Kamuli. Linda and Norbert have been visiting Uganda for many years, and this time, they led a group of 9 people for mission activities.

Swings are classic kids play materials that have been a staple of childhood play for generations. They provide a simple yet exciting form of recreation and exercise, encouraging children to be active and enjoy the great outdoor games.

The dedication was graced by Bishop Charles I Bameka with Partners, and as soon as it was ready, the kids flocked to it, eager to take a turn. They giggled and squealed with delight as they pumped their legs back and forth, soaring higher and higher. This swing quickly became one of the most popular attractions on the playground, with children lining up to take their turn.

This not only provide a source of fun and entertainment for the children, but it also help to develop their physical skills and coordination. Swinging helps to improve balance and build strength in the legs, arms, and core. Additionally, it provides a great opportunity for social interaction, as children take turns and play together on them.

The mission team also repaired furniture, i.e., desk and office chairs at the school.

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