May 21, 2024

Uganda, Iganga– In a heartwarming and impactful mission, a dedicated team from Christ Community International visited Uganda, leaving a lasting imprint on the lives of sponsored children and the community at large. The team led by Dr Kent Killian and wife Katie Killian continues to foster education, healthcare, and community development. The team engaged with the sponsored children at Christ Community Lutheran Primary School, creating memorable moments and strengthening the bonds formed through the sponsorship programs.  

The team inspected the on-going construction of the First-class Kawete Secondary School in Iganga District, which is a beacon of hope for the National Lutheran Ccommunity and set to provide quality education and empower the youth to break the cycle of illiteracy. The team expressed their satisfaction with the ongoing construction, emphasizing the transformative impact such educational infrastructure can have on the community’s future.

Dr. Kent Killian his knowledge and kills of service to provide Health Care to address the needs of the community at the CCLS clinics, providing the much-needed healthcare services to residents of Kawete and Namungarwe.. He worked with a team nurses, and Health support staff, offering a range of medical services, including check-ups, Medication, and health education.

The local residents expressed gratitude for the medical care provided, with many highlighting the positive impact on their well-being. The mission team’s holistic approach to community development, addressing both educational and healthcare needs, reflects a comprehensive strategy to uplift the community and create sustainable positive change .and impact.