May 21, 2024

Butogonh Lutheran Nursery & Primary Schools has been blessed with a Dormitory section by the Hearts & Hope for Uganda in Partnership with the Lutheran Church of Uganda.

Lutheran church of Uganda was in mid-2022 blessed with a funding for a girls Dormitory for Butogona Lutheran Nursery and Primary school. The school located in Butogona village, Namwendwa Sub-county, Kamuli district has received funding for different projects including a Complete school project in early 2022.

After having a complete school ‘one of its kind’ in early 2022 with funding support from Hearts and hope for Uganda the partner has shown commitment to investing and supporting the girl child in the community by funding the dormitory project.

Despite the project stalling for several months in 2022 due to the rainy season, the church has been able to resume the works with both structures expected to be ready by the 2nd month of 2022.

The School’s Girls Dormitory project works commenced early August through September reaching the beam level despite the rainy period. The 70 capacity girl’s dormitory will house the girl child of the school protecting them from the major threats of early pregnancies and also increase their time in the school which is crucial in influencing the academic performance of the pupils.

The VIP Latrine is also part of the mega dormitory project. The Latrine of seven Stanzas and 3 bathing facilities including the one for the PWDs. This will not only help the school girls, it will help the school to keep the hygiene at the girls wing but the general school as the facility could be used by all the females of the school.  

The Lutheran Church of Uganda is very much appreciative to Hearts and Hope for Uganda for the continued support to the school, community at large and funding of the education program. The church is committed to increased support, bringing hope and causing change through education.       

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