May 21, 2024

The Congregation at Nebbi Town Lutheran Church

The national Presiding Bishop of Lutheran Church of Uganda Bishop Charles I Bameka recently visited the Nebbi community in western Uganda, bringing with him a message of hope and faith. During his visit, he met with members of the congregations at Ajibu Lutheran Church, Nebbi town Lutheran Church, and Alwi Lutheran Church and local leaders to discuss ways in which the church can better serve the community.

Many members of the community expressed their gratitude for the Bishop’s visit and his words of wisdom. They felt inspired and uplifted by his message, and many pledged to work towards building a stronger, more united community.

The Bishop spoke about the importance of coming together as a community to support one another and to spread love and kindness. He also emphasized the need for forgiveness and reconciliation in order to heal past wounds and move forward together.

Rev Maganda Peter, Rev Volmir Da Rocha the Seminary Principle while meeting the Vicars

The principal of the Lutheran Theological College Uganda together with Rev. Peter Maganda supervised a student on Vicarage, Vicar Wanican Chloe who is attached to Nebbi Town Lutheran Church.

Bishop also made a Visit at the site where Nebbi town Lutheran Church congregants are working together to construct a permanent Church structure.

Bishop and NSBT Team Inspecting the Church construction at Nebbi Town Lutheran Church.