June 12, 2024

Magamaga, Mayuge – The Lutheran Church of Uganda (LCU) witnessed a momentous occasion on Sunday, December 10th, 2023, as Our Savior Lutheran Church hosted a divine service that marked the consecration of Bishop Charles Isabirye Bameka to serve as the National Presiding Bishop of the LCU for the next four years.  Also 7 Deans were Installed to serve the 7 Deaneries of the LCU, these included Rev. Peter Maganda, Dean Eastern |Deanery, Rev. Adafala Partrick, Dean Northern Deanery, Rev. Bwire Nicholus, Dean Far Eastern Deanery, Rev. James Akuwa, Dean Central Deanery, Re. Moses Lokong Kodos, Dean North-Eastern Deanery and Rev. Raymond Kaija, Dean Mid-Western Deanery.  The service was attended by many coming from members of various deaneries across the country, who gathered to celebrate this significant milestone in the life of the church.

The consecration of Bishop Charles Isabirye Bameka was a deeply spiritual and solemn moment, left the congregation witnessing the laying on of hands and the prayer of consecration, as Rev Bameka was officially re-entrusted with the spiritual leadership of the church following the elections that saw him unopposed in the National Synod Conference.

The exercise was presided over by Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ghana Rev. John Shadrack Donkho assisted by Bishop David Tswaedi from South Africa and Rev Michael Freese from the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, USA.

After his installation, Bishop Bameka, embarked on the installation exercise of the Deans; Dean Raymond Kaijja of Midwestern Deanery, Rev Maganda Peter Dean Eastern Deanery, Dean Bwire Nicholus Bwire of far East Deanery, Dean Moses Lokong of North Easter Deaner, Dean Patrick Adafara the newly elected dean of Northern Deanery and Rev James Akuwa the new Dean Central Deanery.

Simultaneously, the induction of league members added to the spirit of excitement and enthusiasm in the divine service. The league members, comprising passionate and devoted individuals, pledged to actively contribute to the church’s mission through evangelism, community outreach, and various charitable initiatives.

The divine service was graced by esteemed guests, including Church Partners, Bishops from sister Churches, representatives from other religious organizations, and members of the local community..

Rev Charles Bameka, the national presiding Bishop of the LCU, delivered an inspiring message during the service. He thanked God for His guidance and blessings on this special occasion and encouraged all members to embrace their roles in advancing God’s kingdom.

The Clergy included Bishop Charles I Bameka,  Bishop John Donkho, Bishop David Tswaed,  Rev Michael Freese, Rev Raymond Kaija, Rev Peter Maganda, Rev Benard Mwesigwa, Rev Akuwa James, Rev Serwaniko Peter, Rev Patrick Adafala, Rev James Odoo Okello, Rev Elfaz Buluba, Rev Nicholus Opio, Rev Anthony Otesa, Rev Moses Ahimbisibwe, Rev Waiswa Machael, Rev Moses Lokong, Rev Benjamin Lochop, and others.