May 21, 2024

Dometary and Ventilation Improved Pit Latrine Dedicated at Butogona Lutheran Nursary and Primary School

The Lutheran Church of Uganda working with Hearts and Hope for Uganda dedicated a Girls’ Dometary and VIP latrine at Butogana Lutheran Church in Kamuli District, both facilitated by LCU in partnership with Hearts & Hope for Uganda.

The dedication gave an opportunity to celebrate the completion of the construction project and to thank all those involved in the project, including the builders, contractors, architects, donors, and supporters.

Ventilated Pit Latrine

The official opening of the Dormitory and VIP latrine was marked by cutting a ribbon that was strung across the entrances to the buildings. There followed the guided tour of the hostel facilities, showcasing the various amenities and features that have been added.

Overall, this was a celebration of the investment made in education and the benefits that pupils of Butogona Lutheran Nursery and Primary School will receive from the facility.

The activity included a dedication of a Latrine that was completed along with the Dometary block.

The Dometary Capacity is at least 100 boarding pupils at ago.

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