July 25, 2024

In a touching and poignant ceremony today, the Lutheran Church of Uganda (LCU) baptized 7 babies in a worship service held at Ngetta Lutheran Church,  Lira in Northern Deanery. The baptism, which was performed by Bishop Charles I Bamela, was the culmination of activities ahead of an Ordination on Sunday 14th, May 2023.

The service drew a large crowd of both church members and guests who witnessed the infants’ initiation into the Christian faith. Traditional hymns and prayers of thanksgiving filled the air as the babies were carried to the altar by their parents or guardians.

Parents with their baptized Children

Bishop Charles Bameka, who presided over the occasion, reminded the congregation that the sacrament of baptism was a crucial moment in the life of a Christian.

During the ceremony, each child’s name was announced, and they were anointed with holy oil. Water was then poured over their heads three times in the name of the Holy Trinity, symbolizing the new life they were beginning in Christ.

The parents also took vows to raise their children in the faith and to educate them in the traditions and teachings of the Church.